Our Company

ZT China was registered and established in June 2011 in the beautiful coastal garden city of Zhuhai.

No. 119, DongKe Road, South section, 3rd floor, PingSha Town, Jinwan District, Zhuhai City, GuangDong Province, P.R. China.

Zhuhai ZT-China manufacturing co., LTD. (" ZT - China ™ company ") is one of The wholly foreign owned enterprise, located in The zhuhai high-tech zone by The United States The Zippertubing ® company founded in 2011.

ZT - China ™ company is used as a heat shield flexible customization China's auto industry the main supplier of thermal protection components.

A large number of ZT - China ™ heat reflective products of the company used in cars assembled by major Chinese/European automakers.

In continued efforts to provide customer problems in the process of solution, ZT - China ™ ® / the Zipper - Technik GmbH Germany's design of materials.

Zipper ® - Technik GmbH as The Zippertubing ® company's subsidiaries, more than 40 years, has been focusing on automobile application technology, flexible customization heat shield is The European market products of leading enterprises.

Zipper ® - Technik GmbH has developed a series of products is suitable for medium to high temperature, using high temperature materials to provide a method to reduce external temperature,protect pipes, wires, cables, pipelines, or sensors from external heat sources by reflecting and/or absorbing potentially destructive heat.

Although the Zipper - Technik GmbH ® products are mainly used to design heat shield, but its material also can effectively block most grease, brake oil, fuel, and many low proportion of acid or corrosive liquid.

ZT - China ™ has the advantage to be able to use the Zipper - Technik GmbH ® material resources, design and thermal protection product experience in all aspects of production.Materials and structures of wide choice make ZT - China ™ company become a practical and economic solution, is suitable for the need of thermal protection almost any type of surface.

ZT - China ™ company passed the ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certification.