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Cable Management
ZT-China offers unique cable management solutions for a variety of applications. Our wrap-around product lines afford you the opportunity to add additional abrasion protection, chemical resistance, even EMI Shielding to your cable bundle without the need to disconnect your cable assembly. Additionally, Zipper-Technik GmbH® products provide a closed system, which insures no dirt, debris, sand or other foreign objects will penetrate into the cable bundle and damage the individual wires within your harness. We have been providing complete cable management solutions for applications in the Automotive and Transportation, Agricultural, Aircraft, Marine, Rail and Robotic markets since 1957. Read More
EMI Shielding
EMI Shielding is the use of materials to reduce radiated EMI by reflection and / or absorption. Shielding effectiveness and performance are the functions of the properties and configuration of the shielding materials, the frequency and the distance from the source to the shield. Zipper-Technik GmbH® has been providing EMI/RFI shielding solutions to the Automotive and Transportation, Aircraft, Marine, Rail, Robotics, Medical, and Construction markets with unique solutions. Because of the flexibility and expanse of the Zipper-Technik GmbH® product line, solving EMI/RFI problems has become our forte over the past 20 years. From solutions for flat cable, round cable or odd shapes and sizes, Zipper-Technik GmbH® has a solution for today’s EMI/RFI problems. Read More
Thermal Protection
In our continuing efforts to provide solutions to customer problems, Zipper-Technik GmbH® has developed an extensive line of moderate to extreme high temperature products. High Temperature materials are used to provide a method of temperature reduction from external sources protecting your tubes, wires, cables or sensors from an external heat source by reflecting and / or absorbing the potentially damaging heat. The jacketing materials are rated for temperatures from 100°C up to 650°C for short durations. Zipper-Technik GmbH® products are available in many different shapes and sizes, and custom configurations can be produced to meet your specific needs. Although Zipper-Technik GmbH® products are primarily designed to function as heat shields, the materials are also an effective barrier against most oils, grease, brake fluids, fuels and many low percentage acids or caustic liquids. Read More
ZT-China offers cable clips and clamps for round cables, ribbon cables and cable ducts with high tack adhesive backing designed for modern applications in cable and wiring systems. Read More